Ending extreme poverty for people around the world with technology that converts any of their photos into 50+ custom products & an online store to sell them on. No trade-skills, product, or fees required to sell!

Field Partners assist with cameras, uploads, & seller payouts. Fulfillment Partners print & ship the custom merch (apparel, mugs, & more) on-demand, & on fair-trade product as available.

Beyond the Marketplace:
Curated Subscription Box


/ quarter

Each box is delivered to your door with over $200 in merchandise for just $99 per quarter. Items are printed on Fair Trade blanks when available.  An average box will contain 1 or 2 apparel items, a drinkware item, and a couple textile items such as a throw pillow or blanket. All feature artwork that has been created by AI, templates, and algorithms based on the artisan’s photos and artwork.

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Creating self reliance in the developing world with an easy-to-use web & mobile app that automatically converts any digital photo or scan into a cool design that incorporates the merchants signature, & then places that design on t-shirts, photo-books, blankets & more for sale on our online marketplace. Products are printed & shipped on-demand, meaning there’s no upfront costs, inventory or risk for our merchants. Customers can buy merchandise individually or as part of a seasonal subscription box offering. Our network of field partners assist by issuing merchants a digital camera (& instruction), uploading their photos, making payouts, & offering general support.

Arriving Summer '19

Balanced Marketplace

We only allow enough merchants to join our marketplace that our customer traffic can support.

No Inventory

All of our merchant’s products are printed & shipped on demand, worldwide.

Super Easy

Our web & mobile app is incredibly easy to use. Just snap a pic and your merchandise is automatically created.

Target Countries

Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, India, Cambodia, Vietnam & Bali.

Big Margins

Our merchants earn an average of 72% margin on every product sold.

Mobile Money

Where available, we make payments to merchants via mobile phone payment systems to facilitate the funding their accounts. In addition, we utilize Payoneer & Paypal as funding options.


The Mercy Mercantile app (Android) is just 5Mb in size, ensuring those with limited bandwidth can install.

Marketing Automation

Automated custom social media image posts, email templates and more.

Clever Design

Very easy-to-use, advanced image compression, image editor, and photo / scan technologies.


The app and marketplace are available in over 10 languages, witch more coming soon.

Market Statistics


Broadband Mobile Connections in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2025


Smartphones in Africa alone by 2025. Up 440M from 2017.


Mobile Internet penetration in Latin America. 65% in 2025.

About Us

A Initiative

Mercy Mercantile is a social venture founded and operated by (Nymbl, LLC).

Become a Field Partner

Help distribute the Mercy Mercantile app within your support network. Contact us at support [at]

Financial Responsibility

Mercy Mercantile is a for-profit social venture. Reports on financial activities are available by request at support [at]

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